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...How long has Kurt been missing?

John. Kelly. You're both still here, right? I just can't figure this place out.

Are we still doing training?


Are you still going to tell us the future?

010 | I Hate This Place

. . .

[there are a few throaty growls before the post switches over to a typed message]

John. Kurt. Kelly. I really hate this place. Um, please don't shoot me on site. I would really rather not discuss this over the COMMs. And I'm having trouble forming human words. Damn.

((If Big!John is going to be tortured, why not Little!John? Haha. He's a Sanghieli now. That is to say, he is a Covenant Elite.))

009 | Okay Now? | Voice Post

...Is it okay now? Did someone figure it out?

COMM Check || MalfunctionCollapse )


Ugh... Shit. Whatever that was... I don't lik--what the? Where am I...?



007 | Idleness

This hardly seems like a war-zone. Because if so this is the most carefree and idle war-zone I have ever encountered. There is nothing going on here. I wouldn't even dare to call it a training compound.

The most I've heard concerning the "war" going on is one or two individual's concern about finding a way to fight these supposed "Entropi." I know they must exist--Master Chief says they do--but they don't seem very active for an enemy. No more so than this compound anyway. Of course, without reconnaissance reports there is no way to confirm this as truth.

I've only actually seen a few people training for battle here. Yesterday's large group in the park was a good example. But that's just one day out of many. Why is this place so unorganized? So unprepared? Is there anyone doing more than just idly talking and barely sparring?

006 | Friendly Spar | Voice Post

Tseng. I've taken off the armor now. Would you like a rematch?

((This is assuming they spar in that on-going thread. I would assume John would win in his armor; Tseng can probably beat him without it. Y/N?))

005 | Thoughtful | Voice Post

PrivateCollapse )

...Isn't there something productive to do here? Kelly, Kurt... John? Training was less boring than this.

004 | Dear Dor-Tessera:

This is Spartan-117. Member of housing apartment Dor-Tessera.

I know I haven't been around much lately since I arrived. I don't know if any of you care. But I just thought it might be wise to say 'hello' and ask to meet. It never hurts to know one's allies ahead of time.


Rock, how did your meeting go?

003 | Old People

...Another old one.