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the one to save us all

Spartan-117 | John (AU)
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Character: Spartan 117 / Master Chief / John (John-117)
Series/Fandom: Halo
Original or Alternate: Alternate
Age: 16 years
Gender: Male
Species: Human (augmented)
Sexuality: Heterosexual (Although technically this does not apply due to the suppressed sexual drive caused by the augmentation process)

Appearance: Most of the time John can be seen wearing his Mark IV MJOLNIR armor, with its pearlescent green heavy armor top layer and matte-black metal under layer. Usually the reflective blast shield is down, too, leaving his features hidden at all times. However, when the blast shield is up or John’s armor is absent, the young man’s handsome face could finally be seen. He has a homely kind of handsomeness to him. His features are dark; brown eyes and regulation short brown hair. His skin is the kind of white from staying away from the sun for too long, a result of spending most of his time inside his armor. John is tall, just under seven feet without his armor and just at it with it on. His body is muscular. Though he is a teen still, he has the appearance of being in his early twenties.

Personality: To the average Marine, John is a no-nonsense, serious, quiet, and calm presence that is determined to get the job done seemingly no matter the cost. To his fellow Spartans however, John is known to have a more kind and devoted personality. Spartan-117 is a natural born winner, and this is reflected in his personality. He is unyielding in the face of opposition. He is always a serious kind of person, although he has his rare moments of dry humor. He is very kind and caring to his friends, and will protect them at all costs (including sacrifice of his own life). John will always obey a superior officer, even if he does not necessarily agree with them, although on a rare occasion he might find a way to get around this but only if it is ‘by the rules’. He is a natural leader, and can easily take command of a situation when no one else is around to give the orders. He is usually silent, unless giving orders, although at this young age he is a bit more talkative than his later norm.

Rest of Profile and History

This is a role-playing journal previously for econtra_rpg for fun by aisuyoukai.
[Halo/Master Chief Spartan-117] © [Bungie/Microsoft].
All content is fictional and for entertainment purposes only, not for profit.